My approach to teaching music and guitar is based on catering to each individual student’s strengths, weaknesses, and objectives. Private studies begin with a clear understanding of what the student hopes to achieve, followed by an assessment of their musical background and learning style. From there we can craft a program designed to specifically address any shortcomings or gaps in the student’s playing and understanding of various musical concepts. 

Topics explored in my private lessons are based on what I’ve learned through my own formal studies and professional experience: 


  • Fundamental left and right hand techniques 
  • Alternate picking and legato techniques 
  • Tone, articulation, phrasing and dynamics  
  • Rhythm, time feel, groove
  • Repertoire/Etudes 
  • Scales, arpeggios, and their permutations
  • Fretboard knowledge and awareness 



  • Basic principles of western tonal harmony 
  • Harmonic analysis of chord progressions
  • Modes and chord scales 
  • Reading/writing musical notation 


     Composition and Improvisation

    • Musical applications of technique and theory 
    • Outlining chord changes 
    • Playing outside the changes 
    • Form/structure
    • Style & aesthetic 
    • Connecting with listeners and other musicians




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